Note from Ranger Ming with a quick update on Princess Louisa Inlet

June 26, 2020

We opened the park June 1st but we are temporarily not allowing any rafting on the dock and the MacDonald shelter will remain closed for now due to the COVID response. I have been working cleaning up winter debris in both park areas and things are shaping up nicely.

It's another season of trial with the communication system. It was working well for the first three weeks but has been down ever since...

June 17th I have replaced the modem and hopefully it will solve the problem. (No word on this yet.)

A few weeks ago I had three separate parties arrive at the Park who were donors to the land purchase last year. "each of these parties had never been to the park before".

Princess Louisa never fails to impress us. It was in all its spring glory, sun rays and rain showers bringing all the water falls to life, wild flowers in full bloom and bird life abundant


Today I was sourcing out prices for metal decals and lettering to place on the mooring buoys for fee a donation.

I suggested this at the AGM as maybe a good way to inform people of the donation payment while on the mooring buoys.

Perhaps something like "payment fee by donation at main dock".

Board director Tom Captain had some good ideas about trying to get credit card payment happening in there. I am just not sure how we would source the power (solar is difficult)

Hopeful we can all come together as planned at the Inlet in August and find a solution.

Director Bob Fielding has purchased the lumber and hard wear supplies. He will deliver these to park at a later date.

That's about it for now

I look forward to seeing all of you as always.

Kind regards,
Ranger Ming

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