Princess Louisa Inlet - Archival Photo Gallery

1990 - 1999

We're Currently looking for a few good photographs!

Do you have any unique and colorful photographs of Princess Louisa Inlet? We are looking for new photographs and for our webpage. We want to include scenic shots as well as photographs of historic interest and action shots of people and places around the inlet. We do not need any more pictures of smiling couples standing in front of Chatterbox Falls unless, of course, they are doing something which would be of interest to people outside the immediate family!

We would prefer color photographs e-mailed to us in a digital format. These can be sent to or, in the alternative, be addressed to either our American or Canadian postboxes. That is not to say that we would reject exceptional black and white photographs, particularly those of an historical nature. Nor are we going to turn away good prints from good old-fashioned film. Our aim is to create a lively, colorful, and active pictoral view of one of this coast's outstanding natural beauty spots.

All photographs received will become the property of Princess Louisa international society. They will be forwarded to our web designer who will choose those he deems most suited to his concept. We cannot undertake to return any photographs sent to us. Please do not send original negatives of your favorite photos. Keep those and send us prints!

We want to include your memories of Princess Louisa on our website. Thanks for your help.

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