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From Egmont, Prince of Wales Reach (S), Princess Royal Reach (T), and Queen's Reach (U) take you almost to the head of Jervis Inlet. Princess Louisa Inlet, named after Queen Victoria's mother, is entered through Malibu Rapids (V) about half way up the east side of Queen's Reach. Malibu Rapids should be entered only at or near slack water because of strong currents and overfalls. Consult the Canadian Tide and Current Tables, vol. 5, for the times of slack. Malibu Rapids are listed in the tables as a secondary current station based on the tides at Point Atkinson. Add 35 minutes to the time of low water at Point Atkinson and 25 minutes to the high water. Remember, these times may vary. Make sure that the line of overfalls have disappeared before entering the rapids.

According to the Sailing Directions, entry should be made "... in mid-channel between the light and Malibu Islet. The channel east of Malibu Islet is not recommended." Vessels are well advised to broadcast their intentions when entering and leaving on VHF Channel 16 as visibility is limited around the point on which the Young Life Camp sits.

Welcome to Princess Louisa Inlet! Once into the Inlet, please reduce speed to 4 knots to reduce wash and protect this beautiful area.

Four Mooring Buoys (9) are available behind MacDonald Island (W) to port approximately halfway up the Inlet. Watch for a drying rock off the South end of the Island. Anchorage is also available at the head of the inlet at the foot of Chatterbox Falls (10). Set your anchor in close to the falls in 10 feet (3 m.) And let the river current keep you in position. The Society has placed mooring eyes at various locations along the rock walls from MacDonald Island to either side of the falls for stern ties to assist in anchoring at other locations in the Inlet but does not warrant the locations as being good anchorage. The holding ground is largely rock and the water deep.

The Society and BC Parks maintain the floats (11) at the falls. Water is available on the floats but boiling it is recommended to make it potable. There is no electricity. Please use the "privies" ashore. There are campsites at the falls and on the mainland behind MacDonald Island - and a very helpful and knowledgeable Park Ranger from May to September...

Enjoy your stay.

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